Monday, March 30, 2009

brenda bird is 24 (belated post)

i turned 24 this year. i know that is not old...but it feels like it. i kind of feel like an old adult....i am married and have a child of my very own. weird.....

anyway, my wonderful husband made my day very special along with janelle and bryan. we had a nice gathering at the payne's residence, had yummy cake from maggie moos (the good stuff), pizza, soda, good friends and family. i got a new diaper bag from mommy and the rest of the fam, speaker thingy for the car so i don't die while on the phone from lorin, money from dallin and shannon, sweet picture frames for the wall leading up the stairs from janelle, bryan and alisha, a nice card from val, and some more money and a scarf from my mom-in-law (i spent that so quickly that lorin couldn't take it to put into our savings account muhahaha). thank you all for the lovely gifts and well-wishes.
and now for proof of the party lorin threw:

here is ashton hanging out

alex looking like he is going to kill whoever is taking this picture

dallin and shannon posing

just hanging out

blowing out the candles.....officially 24.....yikes

ashton loves his aunt alisha

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