Thursday, February 26, 2009


so as most of you know, i have had to rock ashton to sleep every nap time and usually to bed. it would not have been that bad if he would let me rock him in my sweet and comfy rocking chair. however, he liked to be rocked up and down- so i would do some squats while "rocking" him and then lunges, etc. he weighs more than 15 lbs now so it was quite a workout for me. i just couldn't do it anymore. my MIL suggested i just stop- of course! just put him down with some music and let him cry it out. well the first few times he would roll around, get stuck, cry, roll some more and so on. but yesterday, i noticed he was getting a little sleepy so i put him down right away, wrapped him up and put some tunes on. well, he went right to sleep! and today, he only fussed once and unwrapped himself once and now he is asleep. thank you josh groban and babba!

projects i am working on:
1. fabric bows for ava (sorry miss- my house needed some tlc after darrin and your mom's visit- i was never home and it was neglected)
2. organize pantry! its driving me nuts- does anyone have a good way of going about this?
3. office- ahh! this one is huge

i'll concentrate on those for now.

oh my gosh. what a boring post!
here is something to keep you entertained.

1. he is doing that thing with his nose (he scrunches it and huffs) haha

2. he always sees the camera- he has like a 6th sense of knowing when a camera is around

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

random thoughts

hmm what do i want to talk about?

ashton news:
-he scarfs down his oatmeal and gets mad when i take too long to put the spoon in his mouth.

-he rolls over in the middle of the night so he ends up sleeping on his tummy or his side (scary! i don't want him to suffocate!)

-his feet reach the ground when on his baby einstein activity center thing

-he sits on his bumbo although i don't think he likes it- he is always trying to get out of it

-he can't get out of his bumbo because his thighs are so huge and he gets stuck!

-he no longer is rocked to put him to sleep....i just put him down, wrap him up in his blankie, wrap him up again when he breaks free, wrap him up again when he breaks free and rolls over...for about 1 hr or so and then he'll eventually fall asleep....after grunting and crying of course

-he puts everything in his mouth

he is slowly starting to move. picture an inchworm moving....he uses his head to move and pushes with his legs

-he has been dunked under water in the Lehi pool- we are trying to teach him how to swim (video of that is on the camera- will post shortly)
-when he gets frustrated that he can't move, he moves like a fish out of water
-he likes to scrunch up his nose while breathing in and out (i think alisha has footage of that)
-he is babbling a lot more now...he says mamamama (which obviously means he loves me more) just kidding....he loves his daddy more

my life:

i would like a new diaper bag. mine is okay but not great. i think it is super cute however, it is so narrow that everything gets crammed and is hard to get stuff out without messing everything else up. there is hardly room for ashton's toys which is a major necessity. i guess i just didn't know what to look for in a diaper bag before i had a baby. in any case, there is one that i really and would have gotten if they had it out when i was looking...does anyone else have any suggestions? i like big bags...i like to be overprepared....

also my mother in law came into town and she helped me get stuff for the guestroom/craft room. i have yet to set it up. we got a new bed to replace the queen we had in there- way too big for the room but needed when my parents came to stay with us when ashton was born. we bought a daybed and more of those craft cube organizers from scrapnstyle. i am working on setting it up this week so i can get some stuff done and not have to put stuff away everyday because i was working on the dining room table! thank you so much for all your help debra! you had such brilliant ideas!

lorin's life:

he works really hard. i guess he has had a lot of big projects and sometimes needs to work at home. ummmm what else does he do? i would ask him but he is still working....

Monday, February 16, 2009


So, many of you know that L thought Valentine's Day was a fake holiday- he didn't think people actually celebrated it. So when we were still dating, he scheduled his humanities test for that day. I figured I would make him a nice dinner to celebrate this non-holiday. Well, he ended up leaving to help his friend with his Valentine's Day plans for his wife....yeah.
I'm pretty sure he got in trouble because of that from a few people...including me. For the past 3 Valentine's Days he has had to make up for that infamous night....
This year he outdid himself. You guys know Lorin....he is not romantic, however he changed that yesterday.
First he cleaned up the downstairs, then made a sweet breakfast (and you know he does not know how to cook!), and set up the table nicely while I slept with Ashton upstairs.
When I came downstairs I saw this:

Then I got this:
and this:

And I read this beautiful poem he wrote that made me cry. It's very personal so I won't post it here. He doesn't have to do all the cliche things that are in chick-flicks to show me he loves me- he just told me what was in his heart and that's enough for me :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Heather got married!

She looked so beautiful and looked so very happy last night. We were able to go to the reception in Sandy and joined my adopted family, the Walshes. It was so great to see them again- they have all grown up so fast.

Congratulations Eric and Heather!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


i love my little boy more than anything in this world (tied with L)... which is why i take gazillion pictures of my little one. i just want to capture those moments since they seem to go by so fast.

here he is....nakie....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

mmmm rice cereal

Here is a clip of Ashton's 2nd taste of rice cereal (this was about 3 weeks ago). We have now learned that it upsets his tummy so he is now downing oatmeal.

I love how he clamped his mouth shut. The other video from his FIRST time eating cereal is too big so it won't load :( This will do.

Monday, February 2, 2009

the tables have turned

This is a post begging for friends. Yes, I am desperate. I love being at home, hanging out with the drooliest (is that a word?) baby in the world and trying to have a clean home. However, I realized how desperately I needed friends on Friday after going to visit my Visiting Teachees. So I scheduled one for 12 and the other for 12:45. Plenty of time right? I got back home at 2:35. Who is to blame you might!!

Oh my gosh I was the one who talked to much!!

Maybe it is because I am Lorin's wife and he is rubbing off on me. Or maybe it is because I am so lonely and have no one to talk to besides Ashton. Or maybe it is because I am awesome and want to know my sisters better......

I'm pretty sure it is the latter.