Wednesday, December 3, 2008

catching up

i haven't really had much time to update our blog. i know you guys all look forward to what the birds are up to hahah. well here is a quick recap
- mom came out to help me with ashton since i can't pick him up that much
- we all went to bear lake with ru, jason, brigs, barb, derek and my mom for thanksgiving (yes, i went even though i should have stayed home, but i am married to lorin so....)
- mom left and i cried because i miss her so much
- got a lot done on the sweater i am knitting ashton
- my sil, lynette, is here with me helping me out with ashton while lorin is at work. she is so sweet for volunteering to help me.
- i am much better but am still sore where the incisions are so carrying ashton hurts after a little while
- we picked out our first REAL christmas tree! we bought one last night and will hopefully start decorating it this weekend.
- we took ashton to the doc today because he was stuffy, coughing and sneezing a lot but he just said it was a cold. ashton has not slept during the day for more than an hour for like 2 weeks. but yesterday he slept for 4 hours and he's slept almost all day after feedings. my poor little baby. i feel helpless since we can't do anything for a cold.
- janelle told me about a breakfast with santa on saturday morning. if ashton is feeling better i will take him to get a pic with santa! how cute will that be?!?
- i am so excited for julia (aka jigs) to come tomorrow! i haven't seen her in such a long time and i miss her terribly!