Sunday, September 13, 2009


I just need to keep this blog up for posterity's sake! I am awful at journaling but so-so at blogging so I'll update this more frequently.

He picks up the phone and puts it on his ear because he's seen us do it so many times! Except the earpiece sticks out instead of in by his ear. He's getting there. Also, since I've brushed his hair with a comb for a while he started putting the brush on his hair (wrong way of course hahah) and moving it up and down. (He did this the beginning of August so I am behind a bit). He has also been signing "naptime" for a month or so along with "eat" and most recently "finished". He has been able to wave "bye bye" and sometime "hi." He is no longer afraid of the stairs and charges them like no other! This is bad. He can go down the stairs crawling backward but he chooses to hold on to the railing and walk down, like an adult. We don't let him of course and he'll hold his arms up so we can hold him and carry him downstairs. Sometimes I won't hold him so he'll reluctantly go down the stairs the way a baby should. He also eats mostly everything except honey (obviously), egg whites, milk...I think that's it. I always feel bad so I'll just give him some of my food off my plate...even when he's already eaten. This kid's tummy has no end. He's been drinking 7-9 oz of milk every 5 hours. He also has gotten a lot more loving. He doesn't like being constrained but if he initiates it, he'll give hugs and kisses. Like today, I slept in this morning and when I came down he jumped up and down and came over with his hands outstretched and gave me a hug and kiss. Oh how I llooooovvve him!

My mom came out to visit mid August with my brother, Leon and help him get set up for his first year at UVU. He is all grown up and so responsible! Yes, I am surprised! Ashton got a terrible rash that lasted like 8-9 days. My mom washed his little bum so that the wipes wouldn't irritate him even more.....and this is how he thanks her! 6 months pregnant nonetheless!
Do you see the pee mark?
Can you see his first tooth? Yes that is a BBQ potato chip. It was the only way I could get him to open his mouth for longer than 2 seconds. I needed to capture it for my posterity!! Please don't judge me. I don't usually feed him junk :)