Tuesday, October 27, 2009

le diner d'halloween

October 25: Halloween Dinner (we were supposed to carve pumpkins that we were supposed to get on saturday....)

This is Ashtivia showing off his "guns" while riding sideways on the quad. That little daredevil.

Tivia stealing the treats (haha ok I don't actually call him that. That one is for you ShanBird)

Decorating the popcorn balls Debra sent us as an activity.

This is Carly (Alisha's roommate)

This one is Alisha's. Most of the popcorn ball has been eaten....as well as the decorations.

Bryan's creation: a cornrowed vampire

closeup of leon's 5 eyed monser. He copied me....hmm so unoriginal. just joking


leon and his only friend :)

mine was deliciously vampiristic (i don't know...i am bored)

j's george washington look a like (the marshmallows look like the old school white wigs)

natalia's mohawked dude/rooster

dallin's frosted y? shannon's is a plain popcorn ball. she says "so you can use your imagination"

working hard

logan's masterpiece. that tootsie roll on the side is a black eye in case some were wondering.
till tomorrow.....as time moves backwards as i post important events...backwards

Monday, October 26, 2009


once upon a time the bird clan wanted to go pumpkin picking.......3 weeks later we finally got together to go to the pumpkin patch....and it was closed! so we took 4 pumpkins and left money in the basket. will we go to jail? no one knows. BUT we finally got our pumpkins after several failed attempts to go to the pumpkin patch. now let's see if we finally get to carve our pumpkins. i hope these pics don't incriminate us since we were there after hours.....ashton was the only innocent one as he sat in the warm car. just kidding. we paid for the pumpkins people!

we then went to a restaurant to get a treat (which is why we didn't carve the pumpkins tonight). ashton can suck out of a straw now so he loved sucking the melted ice from the wendy's we had an hour earlier. yeah....we eat a lot.

hopefully i will have some pics of the finished product.... or just a pumpkin outside my door.