Monday, October 26, 2009


once upon a time the bird clan wanted to go pumpkin picking.......3 weeks later we finally got together to go to the pumpkin patch....and it was closed! so we took 4 pumpkins and left money in the basket. will we go to jail? no one knows. BUT we finally got our pumpkins after several failed attempts to go to the pumpkin patch. now let's see if we finally get to carve our pumpkins. i hope these pics don't incriminate us since we were there after hours.....ashton was the only innocent one as he sat in the warm car. just kidding. we paid for the pumpkins people!

we then went to a restaurant to get a treat (which is why we didn't carve the pumpkins tonight). ashton can suck out of a straw now so he loved sucking the melted ice from the wendy's we had an hour earlier. yeah....we eat a lot.

hopefully i will have some pics of the finished product.... or just a pumpkin outside my door.


Kate Bailey said...

LOL, this is hilarious! At least you left the money rather than running, right? Maybe you should make your blog private for a little while, just to be safe, so those pictures don't evict you. :)

Breanne said...

One year my family did a similar thing-went to a pumpkin patch in a Church parking lot and slid the money, what we thought was a sufficient amount, under the door. The next year, we went back to buy our pumpkins, and found out the year before we had left way too little. They wanted top dollar for their pumpkins. :)

Bryan and Janelle said...

Lets carve them tomorrow at 7:00pm at my place. I would say I will make dinner but don't have much money to do so. But we can do Pizza or soup or something like that. I do have Halloween cookies though!!

Karen Rich said...

hahah I love it! Ashton is irresistibly cute!