Monday, September 22, 2008

Our Little Baby Bird

We are now able to sleep because of the magic of the epidural.
Lorin was able to hold him first since my part was still not done.The cleanup.

After 10 months, I finally get to hold my baby. That moment and my wedding day were the best in my life. I can't even describe the love and automatic attachment I felt.
I had my little troop by my side the entire time...with the occasional disappearance of someone checking foxsports...but after 3 days of labor, I can't blame him...or her.

Baby Link

You can see a pic of Ashton taken at the hospital by following this link:
We've lost our card reader so we'll post our pics soon.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ashton Hinckley Bird

Baby Bird has finally arrived!!! He was born Saturday, September 20 at 2:24 a.m. He was 7.4 lbs and 19" long. Lorin hovered over Brenda the whole time, exclaiming "Wow!" and "Whoa!" and "Humph, interesting" and "Crazy!" and "Do you see that?" and "Can you believe that?" and "Holy Cow!" and "Jeez that guy has a lot of gloop" and "Ooh, man that must hurt!" and "Huh, would you look at that" and a lot of other not-so-funny-at-the-time proclamations, announcements, commentary, declarations, pronouncements, and observations. Brenda pushed for a good 3.5 hours after a pleasant contractional experience stretching from 1 PM on Wednesday and lasting until that lovely and blessed Saturday morning. Ashton Hinckley (Gordon B. and Marvin J. anyone?) Bird is beautiful little boy who has already conquered an extremely narrow birth canal, a cone head, oralized meconium (ask what that is in private please!), hepatitis b shot, low glucose, an IV for aforementioned low glucose, a mild form of jaundice, and numerous cuts for blood testing. He is now wondering why he voted yes for the plan of salvation and who sent him to this fallen and crude world and why are those writhing tentacle-like members always hitting him in the face and what he wouldn’t give to show them who’s boss! His eyes say it all- why God, why?!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


It took me forever to figure this tutorial of aging photos out. But here are the finished results. These will go in the nursery. The first pic is actually of Lorin- can you see him? He is so little and in the center of the pic amongst these incredibly huge mountains.

This one is of Lorin, too, on one of his hiking trips with his buddies.
Do these look antique-y enough?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

RaRa RaRaRa Goooo Cougars!

As part of Lorin's birthday gift, I found tickets to today's football game. It was supposedly the biggest game of the year so I thought it would be fun to sit in the scorching sun with jeans on for 4.5 was wonderful because I got to spend some time with my darling husband and watch UCLA get slaughtered. Baby Bird was pretty good (not squirming around like a worm) only until the guys started stomping on the bleachers deafening my child. He did not like that and would stretch out and move until the noise stopped. I must say little BB is like his Mom- not a fan of obnoxious fans. Anyway, the game was fun. I drank about 40 oz of water and tried to sit in Lor's shadow. BYU beat UCLA 59-0. 0- that is right- zip, nada. I've never seen anyone get killed like that. I did enjoy reading's headline about BYU handing UCLA's worst loss in 80 years. I'm not really into sports, especially football, but I do have BYU pride so here's to our Cougars! Oh yeah, and there was this couple in front of us that I didn't notice until about the beginning of the 4th quarter that really astonished me. I thought I was dying of heat, exhaustion and swollen feet- these hardcore BYU fans had baby kangaroos on the entire game, holding their 2 kids who couldn't be more than a year old. I would have been done after the 1st quarter. They were cheering and singing and just went all out in order to support their team. Now that is true blue dedication. Here is a pic of that hardcore couple and their kids:

In other news, our rooms have been painted. I think our room looks really nice. I opted for a taupe color- something neutral in case I want to change our color scheme anytime soon. Now the baby's room- that took me a while to get used to. When I first went in to see the room, I looked down and could see a glowing from under the door. I did not want to open that door. I was so nervous that it would look awful- and it did. It seriously glowed like a neon green. But after a few minutes of digesting this kryptonic green I slowly started to like it. I imagined it
with the rest of my patterns and felt good about the color. I had no choice anyway- I wasn't going to repaint it. But, honestly, once I put in the curtains and other sweet ski stuff, I think it'll really look cool. Plus the dude at Lowe's suggested the color after looking at my fabric swatches and he's supposed to know what he's doing. If it looks bad, I blame him! SO here are the pics of our rooms:

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hating RC Willey

Nursery Before


So I really love my sleep. Like, I really really do and I am cranky when I don't get enough sleep. Well, for the past couple of months I've woken up about every hour because my bladder is the size of a quarter. It is not until Lorin leaves for work that I can sleep for 2-3 hours without waking up- it is my best sleep time! Anyway, RC Willey decides to call me at 7:45 (when my good sleep just started) to tell me they are on their way to deliver our goods. Well, first of all I hate them for waking me up as I am starting to fall asleep. Second of all, I am not at home because we are getting our rooms painted before baby comes. I am not allowed to smell the fumes so our wonderful Molly Adams offers her home to us while she and Debra travel East. Thirdly, we just detailed the Honda so we can sell it so Lorin does not want me to drive it and our efficient government makes registering our new Subaru impossible so I can't drive that car either (basically I am carless and living at Molly's). So, I am in a bad mood because RC Willey disturbed my sleep and calls the day OF- not the day before- to schedule a delivery. Carrie said I should call in to complain and get a sweet discount or even gift card (she's done this before). I'll let you all know how that goes.
Anyway, our rooms are being painted and I will post pictures of how that turns out. I took before shots so you can compare. The master is being painted a taupe color and the baby's room is a minty green. I was afraid at first because I could see the green glowing from under the door. But the longer I looked at it, the more I liked it- or the fumes could have really been getting to me. We'll see how it looks when everything is put together. For those of you that don't know, I am doing a ski theme (but not rustic) for baby. We have 3 pairs of vintage skis and a flexible flyer that we are using. If you have any ideas of how they can be used, just let me know. I know for the sled we are having Bryan and Lorin (mostly Bryan because Lorin isn't into the handy work) build shelves on it so it will be a functional yet aesthetically pleasing piece. I am either using ski poles or the actual skis to hang up the curtains. I am rambling- do people actually even read this stuff. So, yeah, leave your sweet comments to help me out with 1) Names 2) Nursery Ideas 3) To Laugh at My Misery (steve) :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

We Caved

We now finally have a blog after many requests for us to get one. As many of you know, Lorin and I are not exactly great at updates but we'll try our best. I guess the biggest news is that my midwives have changed my due date like 80 times. They were worried that the baby was too small (6.15 lbs is NOT small for me) so I had to get a couple of ultrasounds done to make sure everything was alright. So now my due date is September 25 (not the 13 or 15). I guess this just give me more time to prepare the home and prepare myself mentally and physically for this new baby. However, I am not looking forward to 2 more weeks of peeing every hour, waddling and not being able to sleep. Ah, the joys of motherhood. I am just now getting furniture for our new home (pics to come). We got the sweetest couch in the world and a coffee table that goes perfectly with it. Also a super cute entry table and mirror. I will tell you all about Osmond Designs and my obsession with it later.