Saturday, September 13, 2008

RaRa RaRaRa Goooo Cougars!

As part of Lorin's birthday gift, I found tickets to today's football game. It was supposedly the biggest game of the year so I thought it would be fun to sit in the scorching sun with jeans on for 4.5 was wonderful because I got to spend some time with my darling husband and watch UCLA get slaughtered. Baby Bird was pretty good (not squirming around like a worm) only until the guys started stomping on the bleachers deafening my child. He did not like that and would stretch out and move until the noise stopped. I must say little BB is like his Mom- not a fan of obnoxious fans. Anyway, the game was fun. I drank about 40 oz of water and tried to sit in Lor's shadow. BYU beat UCLA 59-0. 0- that is right- zip, nada. I've never seen anyone get killed like that. I did enjoy reading's headline about BYU handing UCLA's worst loss in 80 years. I'm not really into sports, especially football, but I do have BYU pride so here's to our Cougars! Oh yeah, and there was this couple in front of us that I didn't notice until about the beginning of the 4th quarter that really astonished me. I thought I was dying of heat, exhaustion and swollen feet- these hardcore BYU fans had baby kangaroos on the entire game, holding their 2 kids who couldn't be more than a year old. I would have been done after the 1st quarter. They were cheering and singing and just went all out in order to support their team. Now that is true blue dedication. Here is a pic of that hardcore couple and their kids:

In other news, our rooms have been painted. I think our room looks really nice. I opted for a taupe color- something neutral in case I want to change our color scheme anytime soon. Now the baby's room- that took me a while to get used to. When I first went in to see the room, I looked down and could see a glowing from under the door. I did not want to open that door. I was so nervous that it would look awful- and it did. It seriously glowed like a neon green. But after a few minutes of digesting this kryptonic green I slowly started to like it. I imagined it
with the rest of my patterns and felt good about the color. I had no choice anyway- I wasn't going to repaint it. But, honestly, once I put in the curtains and other sweet ski stuff, I think it'll really look cool. Plus the dude at Lowe's suggested the color after looking at my fabric swatches and he's supposed to know what he's doing. If it looks bad, I blame him! SO here are the pics of our rooms:

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