Monday, September 22, 2008

Our Little Baby Bird

We are now able to sleep because of the magic of the epidural.
Lorin was able to hold him first since my part was still not done.The cleanup.

After 10 months, I finally get to hold my baby. That moment and my wedding day were the best in my life. I can't even describe the love and automatic attachment I felt.
I had my little troop by my side the entire time...with the occasional disappearance of someone checking foxsports...but after 3 days of labor, I can't blame him...or her.


The Miller 5 Pack said...

I don't care what anyone says, there are some not-so-cute babies...but Ashton is just gorgeous! Congrats again!

The Kyles said...

He is so cute.! Once again congrats!!

rashida said...

Oh congratulations to you! He's is so beautiful! There really is nothing like seeing your little one for the first time. I doubt anything in the world can top that. I hope Mommy and baby are snuggled up close and resting well. ^_^

Yours Truly said...
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Tai Christensen said...

Oh my gosh I didnt even realize you had a blog until I saw your name on Marissa's page! COGRATULATIONS!!! How are you feeling? How is the baby?? Please let me know when I can bring you guys dinner!

The Wendelschafer's said...

Congratulations again!! you're so cute and you and Lorin will be awesome parents!!! Connor had to be taken from his warm home kicking and screaming so i don't know what you went through but I appuald women who have their babies like you did... It still scares me. you're a brave girl!! good work. He's a cutie!!!

Marissa said... more pics and stuff..i know he is like almost 2 weeks now! and some of ur house :)