Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hating RC Willey

Nursery Before


So I really love my sleep. Like, I really really do and I am cranky when I don't get enough sleep. Well, for the past couple of months I've woken up about every hour because my bladder is the size of a quarter. It is not until Lorin leaves for work that I can sleep for 2-3 hours without waking up- it is my best sleep time! Anyway, RC Willey decides to call me at 7:45 (when my good sleep just started) to tell me they are on their way to deliver our goods. Well, first of all I hate them for waking me up as I am starting to fall asleep. Second of all, I am not at home because we are getting our rooms painted before baby comes. I am not allowed to smell the fumes so our wonderful Molly Adams offers her home to us while she and Debra travel East. Thirdly, we just detailed the Honda so we can sell it so Lorin does not want me to drive it and our efficient government makes registering our new Subaru impossible so I can't drive that car either (basically I am carless and living at Molly's). So, I am in a bad mood because RC Willey disturbed my sleep and calls the day OF- not the day before- to schedule a delivery. Carrie said I should call in to complain and get a sweet discount or even gift card (she's done this before). I'll let you all know how that goes.
Anyway, our rooms are being painted and I will post pictures of how that turns out. I took before shots so you can compare. The master is being painted a taupe color and the baby's room is a minty green. I was afraid at first because I could see the green glowing from under the door. But the longer I looked at it, the more I liked it- or the fumes could have really been getting to me. We'll see how it looks when everything is put together. For those of you that don't know, I am doing a ski theme (but not rustic) for baby. We have 3 pairs of vintage skis and a flexible flyer that we are using. If you have any ideas of how they can be used, just let me know. I know for the sled we are having Bryan and Lorin (mostly Bryan because Lorin isn't into the handy work) build shelves on it so it will be a functional yet aesthetically pleasing piece. I am either using ski poles or the actual skis to hang up the curtains. I am rambling- do people actually even read this stuff. So, yeah, leave your sweet comments to help me out with 1) Names 2) Nursery Ideas 3) To Laugh at My Misery (steve) :)


Marissa said...

i read the whole thing! when i get bored at work, i read everything..hahah! call and complain and try to get something..you crack me up and your misery is a little funny..im not going to lie, but if it makes you feel better steve thinks im the cutest when i get my mad face on, so he must just love that sort of stuff..

Kate Bailey said...

darn RC Willey! I would have been frustrated, too. I used to sleep best from like 8am-noon, and it seems like that's when everyone always decided to call! the pictures look great though, and hopefully it all comes together perfectly! now go lay down and take another nap, because pretty soon sleep is going to be even harder to come by..... but it's worth it! :)

Jay and Tiff said...

Your nursery is so cute! Did you guys buy a house? I'm so jealous! I hope you're feeling well. Those last two weeks are pretty uncomfortable. I also made my blog private so could you send me your email address at tiffersoup@gmail.com? Thanks Brenda!