Sunday, January 31, 2010


we went to the basketball game yesterday (byu vs utah). it was soo fun! i am not into sports all that much but i really enjoy watching games live. and ashton LOOOOVED it. he really loves playing with his toy balls especially his basketball one and he even has a mini hoop that he got for christmas (thanks becky!) everytime he sees a basketball he goes nuts!

then we went to pizzapiecafe with janelle, logan and lauren. i don't want to badmouth it but i honestly think it made us all sick! ashton has had the worst gas all day. like terrible. like i want to puke terrible. i was so embarrased at church. everytime ashton moved he would fart. i think people thought it was me! awkward. and the food wasn't even good. but it was cheap so i guess we can't expect much.....

ok i have to post about good food, now. i absolutely love this blog that i found last week. she makes all her meals in the crockpot and i have been using her recipes. so easy and delicious! check her out : www.

oh yeah we are watching a movie. guess what it is?

batman 3

Saturday, January 30, 2010


ok everyone in UT needs to go to this place:

the chocolate (212 s state street orem)

i loooooved it! i like sweet things but don't usually crave a piece of cake or cupcake. but this place is sweet. and very reasonably priced ($2 per cupcake). it isn't overly sweet- just perfect. i got this white cake- can't remember the name- and i had to save some for tomorrow.
can you say UH-MAYYYYY-ZING!

what i like about is it that we are always looking for a place to get dessert. just a simple date night and ashton gets to relax on the comfy couch. the ambience is so relaxing/inviting and just so darling :)

everyone should go!!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


instead of writing on my own blog, i read other people's. it seems their lives are more interesting.

ashton is 16 months old.
- doesn't like to drink whole milk when i give it to him in a sippy cup but gladly drinks it when daddy gives it to him in a glass cup.
- he throws himself on the floor and hits his face with his hands when he doesn't get what he wants.
- prays sometimes and can sign "jesus"
- can say mama, dada, and babba
- i think he said ball once
- gives hugs and kisses and signs "love" when i ask him if he loves mama and dadda
- dances everytime he hears music
- jumps like a little mexican jumping bean
- usually very happy and insanely energetic

i think that's all for now.

as for lorin and me:
- attempting to do p90x everyday (so far its every other day)
- reading our scriptures together has helped our moods and our relationship :)
- im on a creating kick....everything that has to do with creating i am up for

everytime i look at ashton i can't explain what i feel. i guess it depends on when i am looking at him. when he throws food at me after i've spent a long time making him something special i think- you are such a little rat. but then he smiles at me andi think- i am so lucky you are in my life. when he slaps me after i tell him no i think- what a brat! where did he learn that!? but then i hold his hands down and tell him no again and he looks down and gives me a hug i think- i love this kid!

random thoughts:
i really liked 500 days of summer. although i am a big fan of "love" this one was more a realistic movie more than a romantic one.
i have a love/hate relationship with the batman movies. i liked them the first time but lorin puts it on all the time i have grown to HATE them.
we didn't send out christmas cards this year so i am sending out v-day ones and i am just waiting for them to get here. letme know if you want one :)
i loove music. i hate driving. put them together and you have a calm, collected and singing sensation that is me ;) if i can jam out to music, sing outloud then i can drive.
whilst singing i discovered that i can relate to some of the songs i hear.

for example: carrie underwood- before he cheats
i had a bf a long time ago that was basically a piece of crap. however i did not know it. he told me he was a "good" guy. turns out that he totally cheated on me (like not just kissed another girl) and i found out from my cousin. what a sleaze bag. needless to say, the next time i saw him i slapped him as hard as i could. and i've never slapped anyone since (not seriosly anyway). i didn't go so far as to slash his car or tires but maybe i should have......

anyone else have songs/experiences they wanna share so i don't feel like a foo?