Saturday, January 30, 2010


ok everyone in UT needs to go to this place:

the chocolate (212 s state street orem)

i loooooved it! i like sweet things but don't usually crave a piece of cake or cupcake. but this place is sweet. and very reasonably priced ($2 per cupcake). it isn't overly sweet- just perfect. i got this white cake- can't remember the name- and i had to save some for tomorrow.
can you say UH-MAYYYYY-ZING!

what i like about is it that we are always looking for a place to get dessert. just a simple date night and ashton gets to relax on the comfy couch. the ambience is so relaxing/inviting and just so darling :)

everyone should go!!!!

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Kate Bailey said...

I went there a couple of weeks ago! I really liked it, too. Hmm.. maybe we'll have to do that today!