Sunday, January 31, 2010


we went to the basketball game yesterday (byu vs utah). it was soo fun! i am not into sports all that much but i really enjoy watching games live. and ashton LOOOOVED it. he really loves playing with his toy balls especially his basketball one and he even has a mini hoop that he got for christmas (thanks becky!) everytime he sees a basketball he goes nuts!

then we went to pizzapiecafe with janelle, logan and lauren. i don't want to badmouth it but i honestly think it made us all sick! ashton has had the worst gas all day. like terrible. like i want to puke terrible. i was so embarrased at church. everytime ashton moved he would fart. i think people thought it was me! awkward. and the food wasn't even good. but it was cheap so i guess we can't expect much.....

ok i have to post about good food, now. i absolutely love this blog that i found last week. she makes all her meals in the crockpot and i have been using her recipes. so easy and delicious! check her out : www.

oh yeah we are watching a movie. guess what it is?

batman 3

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The Kyles said...

Hey Brenda! I use that blog all the time! her recipes are so good!! HOw are you guys doing? You need to post some pictures of your cute lil boy!