Wednesday, February 3, 2010

breaking even

ok i know you guys want some pics....but the camera cord is upstairs. and i am tired. and lazy. next post- promise :)

once upon a time there lived a beautiful brunette with her handsome beau and lovely little manchild. one day they decided to try out a new happening cafe in a distant land. they couldn't expect much since it was very inexpensive as it was frequented by college students. the next day, the bb (beautiful brunette) felt ill....and it got worse.....and she didn't eat for 2 days! she lived off a powerful water called the ade of gator. she felt weak and tired. by the third day her pants fit loosely and she felt it was time to eat....and eat she did! now she is back to her normal state....breaking even (lost 5 lbs and gained 5 lbs). woohoo.

i feel like getting sick was such a waste! when i lost the weight i thought it was worth it.....but nnooooo.

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Kate Bailey said...

was it the pizza place that made you guys sick? when did you go to The Chocolate? After I read your post about it I decided I wanted to go there again, and that night Adam came down with something and I caught it two days later, and we're both STILL fighting it (it's been 5 days for Adam, 3 for me)! We haven't actually been sick or anything, but we just FEEL incredibly sick to our stomachs off and on throughout the day. Weeird. Anyway, I wondered if maybe we all got sick off of something there. Or maybe it's just a coicidence. Either way, I'm so sorry! Being sick to your stomach suuuucks.