Thursday, May 28, 2009

3 years and a baby later

Anniversary: May 12
Celebrated: May 16
Posted: May 28

Happy Belated Anniversary, Babe!
I love you.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

saving babies... one dollar at a time

so lorin, ashton, alisha and i are signed up to walk in the march of dimes walk on saturday! we are so excited to be helping a great cause. the march of dimes helps with research and other stuff with preemies (like prenatal care and preemie care). i have had a few friends that have delivered prematurely and their babies had to be in the nicu for weeks. my bff works in the nicu and some babies don't make it. i couldn't even imagine what that would feel like. so, pick up your finger....drag it and click on this if you guys want to support us in this cause! or better yet, want to join our team?? click here! lets save some babies!

how can you say no to this?

or this?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

a bbq and a bunch of animals

We had such an awesome weekend. We just had so much fun that I am so exhausted right now! I should go to bed but I want to post before I let another 5 weeks slip by....
Also Lorin volunteered to go get some groceries....he's called three times in 20 minutes. Ha.

Thursday, Carrie, Eric, Janelle, Ashton and I went swimming. It was so relaxing. Unfortunately, Ashton was a little afraid of being dunked in the water or even being put on his back. He used to love it but I haven't taken him swimming for a couple of months! I ruined him! Ok, well, I think I can get him to like it again.....He would just hold on to whoever was holding him so tight so they wouldn't let him go! How sad.

So on Friday we went to Mike and Karen's home in Bountiful. We had a nice BBQ and stayed up late to play Catchphrase. 5 adults....random words.....way past bedtime....equals hysterical laughter and pure insanity. Two words guys: No problem! I am so sad I didn't get any pictures- what was I thinking? Ashton loved playing with Brooke's toys...and Brooke, too :) Thanks for having us over guys.

Saturday we went to a few yardsales (my idea- if we can go to a yardsale then Lorin can take us on a "short" drive). We found some sweeeet deals and were tempted by some offers but we really don't need more junk! Theeeeen, we went to the ZOO! I think we were more excited to see it than Ashton. He loved the Aquarium in Sandy so we just figured he'd like these live animals. Noo. He was more interested in licking the wood and Lorin's hand. We walked around, saw some cool animals and had some awesome kettle corn. Hmmm. I am not making that sound like an awesome time. We just enjoyed each others' company and enjoyed telling an 8 month old about these animals he couldn't care less about! Well, at least the adults had a blast! We came home, Lorin offered to take me to a nice restaurant to celebrate Mother's Day but I was so tired. We had a nice relaxing evening at home, made dinner and watched Dark Knight for the 80th time....Yeah, that wasn't so relaxing but whatever. You know, Janelle made a good point. Who actually reads what we post on the blog? People just want pictures. Well here you go:
oh, yes....the wood...yum
yes i got it muahahha

this metal is great....the giraffe isn't too bad either

hey mom

oooo look a little girl

wanna piece of me?

a big kitty

tastes like chicken
the "short" drive back beautiful is utah?

this one is for you alisha:
the face is back.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

7 days green

My brother has been in the MTC for one week today. I am eagerly awaiting a letter :) Ha...we'll see. I am so happy for him and know he will do the best he can. He'll come back speaking Spanish like a native ;) I am going to mail him today a scrapbook I put together with the help of family and friends. It contains letters that will hopefully encourage and uplift him. I am excited to give it to him. I actually worked all morning on it last Wednesday to give it to him before he left but I forgot it on the stairs with the excitement of getting to the MTC early! Thank you to everyone who helped me put it together and wrote encouraging letters. As some of you know, my brother is the first missionary on our side of the family since my parents are converts. I would have gone except someone caught my eye as I was preparing.....;) To those of you that are interested in what my brother, Elder Richard Gutierrez, is teaching visit this website. I know that what he is teaching is true. I have prayed to know whether the Book of Mormon is true and whether the gospel is true. I have always known it is true.