Wednesday, May 13, 2009

saving babies... one dollar at a time

so lorin, ashton, alisha and i are signed up to walk in the march of dimes walk on saturday! we are so excited to be helping a great cause. the march of dimes helps with research and other stuff with preemies (like prenatal care and preemie care). i have had a few friends that have delivered prematurely and their babies had to be in the nicu for weeks. my bff works in the nicu and some babies don't make it. i couldn't even imagine what that would feel like. so, pick up your finger....drag it and click on this if you guys want to support us in this cause! or better yet, want to join our team?? click here! lets save some babies!

how can you say no to this?

or this?

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Bree Ahlstrom said...

Can I join you guys?! I'm a loaner this weekend...Kevin is in Wyoming for track. EVEN Janelle will be gone!