Wednesday, May 6, 2009

7 days green

My brother has been in the MTC for one week today. I am eagerly awaiting a letter :) Ha...we'll see. I am so happy for him and know he will do the best he can. He'll come back speaking Spanish like a native ;) I am going to mail him today a scrapbook I put together with the help of family and friends. It contains letters that will hopefully encourage and uplift him. I am excited to give it to him. I actually worked all morning on it last Wednesday to give it to him before he left but I forgot it on the stairs with the excitement of getting to the MTC early! Thank you to everyone who helped me put it together and wrote encouraging letters. As some of you know, my brother is the first missionary on our side of the family since my parents are converts. I would have gone except someone caught my eye as I was preparing.....;) To those of you that are interested in what my brother, Elder Richard Gutierrez, is teaching visit this website. I know that what he is teaching is true. I have prayed to know whether the Book of Mormon is true and whether the gospel is true. I have always known it is true.


Erin said...

My brother left on Tuesday for his mission! So sad, but I'm proud of him :) My brother's going to the MTC in Brazil so we left him at the airport...I wish your brother the best of luck!

miker said...

That is so cool! Where's he serving?