Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter (part 2)

We had a fun Easter weekend. On Friday, we went to Lehi's Easter Festival with Janelle and Bree. We saw the Easter Bunny, a golden eagle, an owl and walked through an art exhibit depicting the Savior.
Ashton was a brave boy! He was not afraid of the Easter Bunny....although when he gets scared he holds his ears....but he didn't cry!

He loves putting everything in his mouth!

These eagles have been known to pick up big horns from the mountain and drop them....and eat them... Look how little Ashton looks!

Someone gave him a Starburst package.....when Bree tried to take one out he got so mad! Ha!
You may be able to see that Ashton is looking down....well, he is looking at a little girl and smiling! What a flirt!

hahahahah i love this picture. Ashton is not amused.
balancing act. how cute do they look? they match.
ashton scoping out his next target
ashton trying to eat the chase dog.
Then on Saturday morning we went to an Easter Egg Hunt at the Hollywood Connection. There was supposed to be a hunt for kids 0-5 so we thought that may be fun for Ashton. When we got there it was PACKED! They divided the 0-5 group into 2 groups: those that need help from their parents and those that don't. We went over to the parents' side and Lorin went with Ashton when the buzzer went off. Well...we were not successful in getting even 1 egg. These parents are ruthless....this one mom saw that Lorin was trying to get Ashton to pick up 1 of 3 eggs on the floor...well she looked at him, picked them up and put them in her daughter's basket! Um....I'm pretty sure this activity is for the kids....And who steals an egg from a baby? Hahhaha. Oh my. That was funny. Well, Ashton found something better than an egg:
yes, that's right. that my friends is a wrapper.

someone threw that thing ashton is sucking on at us.....finders keepers suckas! just kidding, you snooze you lose. ok. i cleaned it off and gave it to ashton after someone through it at us. we are among very classy and civilized people.

the crowd! i think that is the mom stealing..i mean helping her little girl get the eggs.

more people

OK! almost done! Theeeennn, we went to the aquarium in Sandy. Ashton loooooved it!
So did Lorin:
I love this face.
Look! No hands! I was a little scared he would fall into the water with the fishies and stingrays...yikes.

trying to touch the fishies

he loved watching them swim!


Marissa said...

you guys had such a fun weekend!!!

Karen Rich said...

We LOVE Ashton! He is so ridiculously good looking - I mean it!

Ali said...

I am totally crushing on Ashton. You guys have great genes!!!

D said...

I think the Chase thing is a whole lot cuter than that Easter Bunny.