Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter (part 1)

We watched a video in Relief Society that played this song but showed different pictures. The message is the same and it touched my heart. This Easter Sunday was very special for me. The Resurrection of our Savior was more real for me as I stared at Ashton while watching this video. He slept in my arms, which he rarely does anymore, and I listened to the words of the song. Ashton is my whole world and I would do absolutely anything for him. I've never felt this kind of devotion before and as a mother I think we feel the need to protect and love our children. I can imagine to a very minute degree what our Heavenly Father felt as he watched his Son die for the rest of his children. And Jesus did so willingly- he volunteered to give His life so that we may return to our Father in Heaven. I love my Savior, my Healer, and my Heavenly Father. I cry when I think about Jesus on the cross but I know that He lives!

Wow I am super emotional. I look at Ashton when he sleeps and sometimes he smiles- I wonder if he can still remember Jesus and what it was like to be with Him. We had a nice Easter morning watching the cartoon version of the Resurrection with Ashton. We taught him briefly as he was cranky and wanting to take a nap. We had a great time at church, Lorin taught a great lesson to the Elders Quorum and then we had everyone (14 people) over for Easter Dinner. It was so fun to get together with family and friends and share an Easter message. We chatted, laughed, and decorated eggs and cookies. It was a great weekend! Thanks for coming everyone and bringing your sweet food!

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