Monday, February 16, 2009


So, many of you know that L thought Valentine's Day was a fake holiday- he didn't think people actually celebrated it. So when we were still dating, he scheduled his humanities test for that day. I figured I would make him a nice dinner to celebrate this non-holiday. Well, he ended up leaving to help his friend with his Valentine's Day plans for his wife....yeah.
I'm pretty sure he got in trouble because of that from a few people...including me. For the past 3 Valentine's Days he has had to make up for that infamous night....
This year he outdid himself. You guys know Lorin....he is not romantic, however he changed that yesterday.
First he cleaned up the downstairs, then made a sweet breakfast (and you know he does not know how to cook!), and set up the table nicely while I slept with Ashton upstairs.
When I came downstairs I saw this:

Then I got this:
and this:

And I read this beautiful poem he wrote that made me cry. It's very personal so I won't post it here. He doesn't have to do all the cliche things that are in chick-flicks to show me he loves me- he just told me what was in his heart and that's enough for me :)


Marissa said...

Go lorin! i think ur first vday is hilarious :) i remember when we were in the car talking about it...that was sweet of him this year not into cliche stuff either..just do what you want and feels normal!!

Erica said...

Hey Brenda! Sounds like a really nice day! There's nothing better, if you ask me, than meaningful words from someone you love. Glad you had a great V-day.