Wednesday, March 11, 2009



I am done with Ava's bows...I keep holding out because I get new ideas and want to make more for her; however, I'll let Miss take care of those... I have pics of the bows I made but I will post those after they are sent out. Don't wanna ruin the surprise!

Also, the office is done! Well...almost. I am waiting for Lorin to help me hang up this embellishment organizer thing and then I am really done.

I am currently working on Ashton's pictures and I need someone (ahem....bryanslklsahfldalsf) to help me build the sled shelf :)

Now for your enjoyment.....


Ashton's attempt at crawling....he actually did take one "crawl" but it was before I got my dang camera! He sure does like to flop around like a fish out of water. He is also cranky because he got a set of vaccinations today :(

This one is better...well the end is anyway



Marissa said...

thanks for hte laugh!! he does flop like a fish out of water...poor kid he just wants the phone!!!!

Kate Bailey said...

Great job getting so many things done! And look at Ashton trying to crawl! Don't you just feel bad for them? Hannah flops around like that for a while and then sticks her face straight down onto the floor and screams with all her might. She is so mad that she's still immobile!

Bryan and Janelle said...

i love how you move the phone away from him when he clearly wants it. and yes bryan will help you build the shelf.

The Wendelschafer's said...

I find it so amazing how much little kids love cell phones!! Connor holds mine up to his ear and says hey and then mumbles a bit then quickly says byeee.... then hands it back like he really had a conversation with someone.. Ashton is such a cutie though!! Good work!