Monday, March 2, 2009


I love making lists. I will write things that I have already done just so I can check it off. In my last entry I had my list of top 3 things. I realized that I have to break them down so I don't feel overwhelmed. Well here it is:

1. fabric bows for ava
Kind of. I made 4 flowery type things but I have to:
- Put buttons in middle
- Glue clippie thing
- Make 3 more flowery things
- Mail it off!

2. organize pantry!
It is done, however, I want to get some storage thingys to put crackers, cereal, etc stuff in so it doesn’t look so crowded.

3. Organize office
- Put up desks
- Attach desk to L brackets
- Organize drawers
- Mount other organizer
- Make beds
- Paint wood blocks

So now I can add something else- I want to have 3 things to work on.

3. Hang up pictures in Ashton’s room

PS Does anyone know how to do the strike-through thing? I tried doing it in Word and pasting it on here but it doesn't show up. My list doesn't look as cool now :(

Also, Lorin and my goal (which we worked on for our FHE activity) is journal writing. We worked on our personal history together and will write one thing on this list each night. It is so important to keep a journal and I am not that great at it. But, having Ashton has been such a blessing and one way is because I always write about him and want to remember everything about when he was little when he is like 14 and driving me nuts...I'll be able to go back to a happy place. But seriously, I want to be a good example to my children, grandchildren and so on. I want them to read my journal and understand and really know me and what I valued.

Elder Theodore M. Burton counseled: "As a people we ought to write of our own lives and our own experiences to form a sacred record for our descendants. We must provide for them the same uplifting, faith-promoting strength that the ancient scriptures now give us."

Here is a picture of Ashton the day of his baby blessing. This isn't a picture of the actual blessing but a posed picture of those that love him and were worthy to participate in his blessing. These men hold the priesthood and honor it.

Ashton: You are surrounded by your family. They love you so much. Your uncles on your Daddy's side traveled 3 hours to see you. You have your Dad to the left of you, your grandfathers to the right of you, and your great-grandfather right above you. Your Daddy shared our Heavenly Father's blessings for you. Those are written in my journal and will be put into your baby book so you can remember those words always. We all love you so much.


Marissa said...

steve and i just do our journals on sundays..i think hte next generation will def. like reading it..another thing we are doing is we wrote a letter ot ava along with each of her grandparents nad great grandparents..its just for her and they can say whatever they want to her! and i am keeping a pregnancy journal that steve and i write in quite a bit! i think its really important to keep a r e cord too....:) p.s. i love love love lists!!!! i think ill do hte same things, have little lists of things i want to do when im a mom, so my days dont go by without doing some projects and stuff!

Kate Bailey said...

What a great post! I'm glad I was able to motivate you, and you motivated me, too! Adam and I have been working on journaling, too. I print out my blog posts with scrapbook pictures and put them in a binder, and I kind of count that as a journal. I do it for Hannah, too. But it is SO hard to get Adam to keep a journal! So every week after FHE, we answer a question off a similar list that we have. We type them up, print them out, and put them in a binder just for that purpose. Sometimes I feel silly doing it, but I think about how much it would mean to me if I had something like this from my grandparents or anyone else, so hopefully our kids and grandkids will love it.

I am definitely a list maker too. I write every little thing on my list, and I love the productive feeling of crossing something off! I understand how you write something you already did just to cross it off, because I'm the same way.

Anyway, yes, let's get together and create something sometime! I'm working on some projects for my house, but it would even be fun to get together and work on projects that we're doing individually, but keep each other company while we do them. I'm working on making flower clips too, or I feel like I'm constantly making and freezing new baby foods as Hannah passes them off, so maybe those are things we could do together? I don't mind having you over, or I could go to your place as long as you don't mind me bringing my pack n' play and putting Hannah down for a nap when the time comes. Let me know!