Sunday, March 29, 2009

veggie tales

lorin and i worked on our future garden this weekend. lorin built the box, mixed up the soil, put it all in while i supervised. i was injured so couldn't do much work....i feel UP the stairs haha. anyway. i got the idea from my friend Kate- she was so kind enough to share her calendar and notes and stuff on this new "movement" called square foot gardening. it is genius! we will be planting corn, lettuce, tomatoes, green beans, squash, strawberries, cucumbers, peppers, onions, and other stuff i can't quite remember. anyway, i am soooo excited and so grateful to kate for sharing her info! and of course, my handy husband who humors my new hobbies. my goal is to eat healthier, eat more veggies and lose the baby weight! anyway, here are some sweet pics of our work. i did help- i drilled holes and screws on 2 sides!


Kate Bailey said...

Your box looks great! Isn't it exciting?! Hopefully it works like it should and we can all eat healthier this year and lose that baby weight! :) I'm hoping in the long run it will help us save some money, too. It was a little expensive up-front, but hopefully it'll pay for itself in time!

Kate Bailey said...

Oh, and I wanted to ask you... are you planning on building a vertical frame with netting for your vine plants to grow through? If you need more info about this part, let me know... or you could always look at the website, I think he has pics of it there. Anyway, it really helps to make those vine plants like squashes and tomatoes to take up less space! If any of my documents weren't clear about something, let me know... I'm more than willing to help!

The Wendelschafer's said...

that is such an awesome idea... It's much better than my little pots in the backyard... We've been working on the landscaping in the yard so I didn't want to commit to digging in the yard but that is such a good idea!!! I'll see how my pots work out but I'm sure I'll do that in the future!! Good luck!!