Saturday, March 28, 2009

since i've been gone

our whole family caught a nasty bug last week and ashton is just barely recovering. poor little guy. vomit and diarrhea are not fun for anyone- especially a wittle baby. we did find out that our little boy has expensive taste. he will not drink the kroger version of pedialyte. nope. he wants the real thing ($6 a bottle as opposed to $3). geez. i have never seen so much vomit come out at one time- not from a baby. and out the other end, too. lorin is convinced we have bad diapers (huggies aren't cheap!) or we suck at putting them on. we've discovered that everytime ashton has a blowout, it is after lorin has put on that diaper..... honestly, it broke my heart to see ashton in pain and not be able to do anything about it. he was not his normal happy self at all. he lied so still in his crib and slept all day monday and tuesday. he cried wednesday and thursday. today he was normal again, except his tummy didn't take his soy formula very well. we'll see how he does tomorrow. he cries everytime his bottle is empty and i try to take it from him. he sure has a strong grip! i am glad my little boy is back and smiles for mommy. but now mommy has a lot of catching up to do on service projects she signed up for and the home can get back to its normal routine!

on a lighter note-
baby ava is here! i am a little late but everything has been hectic. like i said before, lorin and i caught this nasty bug on different days so neither of us felt like doing much. ava is beautiful! she surprisingly has a lot of hair and its curly...and black! she is just so adorable. i can't wait for ashton to meet his little cousin. congratulations steve and miss. you will love being parents. it is so hard to not just stare at them all day- they are just so beautiful.

ok here is what you really came for:
this is ashton before he got sick....and before winter returned...yuck.

oh how i love my chubbs.


Marissa said...

ava and ashton have the same nose and lips :)im sorry you guys were fun..i can't imagine having to clean all that up for little ashton...

Kate Bailey said...

Those pictures of him in the swing are adorable! Wasn't it so nice when it was spring for a week or so? I'm sorry that winter came back and that you all got sick! Having a sick baby is the worst... especially if you have it too! I'm glad you guys are feeling better. :)

The Wendelschafer's said...

I'm sorry to hear that you guys got the bug too... It wasn't fun going through it with Connor and then having it myself.. Yuck... that's the last time we come to utah! :) Glad to hear you're both better!!