Monday, May 10, 2010

zoology & greek cuisine part 1

first: happy mother's day! i am so grateful for a wonderful, beautiful, spiritual, strong-willed, intelligent, crafty, selfless, generous and patient mother. i really do have the best mom in the world. seriously, who else can i call for a quick question and end up talking for 2 hours? i love you, mom. you are my best friend, my confidant, my mother.

and a wonderful mother's day to my other mom. i am so grateful for your dilligence in teaching and raising such a wonderful young man. he is who he is because you are a wonderful mother. thank you for your love and helpful advise. we love you.

i had a wonderful mother's day weekend. we started the day with me going to a yard sale...alone! trust me, this is a good thing :) i returned to two sleeping boys (another good thing). we had breakfast and got ready for the day. we went to jcrew where lorin ordered my swimsuit for mother's day. utah stores don't carry swimsuits so you have to order them. if you do it at the store it is free shipping! then we went to the zoo! ashton loved it!! the bird show was so fun and ashton really really loves birds so he enjoyed it. after walking around, i got tired and super hungry so we went out to dinner to aristo's. we've been there before and we really like greek food. i got the lamb (yummy) and lorin got the pork gyro (even yummier!). then we went to joann's (i am addicted to crafting- it really is a problem). we got home and lorin and i got into an argument for some stupid reason. i believe it was my fault- i got mad at lorin for moving around my coffee table books.

will lorin stop moving the coffeetable books? will brenda let it slide this time? or will they call it quits- afterall they do argue over stupid things often.......stay tuned for part 2 on tomorrow's post.

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