Thursday, May 20, 2010

To: Ashton From: CSN Stores

It's here! What's this, you ask?
a horsie?oh...a chair!!
*sigh* time to relax!

I was lucky enough to review an item from the CSN stores. I chose that little chair. Needless to say it is a hit! Ashton has been sitting in it everyday since it arrived! He loves to watch his shows in it and I can even fit in it! Now, I didn't choose to sit in it- Ashton wanted me to try out his comfy little chair.
Reasons I like the chair:
1. So so soft (its like a light weight fleece)
2. Washable! Yes it got dirty on the first day. It has zippers so you just wash the outer layer and not the foam.
3. 3in1. Ashton can sit in it, cuddle with it like a stuffed animal and use the back part as a table.
4. It is a unique looking animal so it has caught the eye of many a children that have stopped by our house to play.
5. The item was priced at 34.99+shipping. I am an extremely thrifty person so this seemed a little high for me. When I went to discount stores to look at their prices, theirs were about $40 for not as cute chairs like Dora or Thomas the train engine prints...
Reasons I like CSN:
1. You can find everything you need because they have tons of stores
2. Good customer service. Ashley, on the promoteam, was extremely nice and helpful.
3. Fast shipping!
4. Unique items. I don't like to have the same things as everyone so you can get good quality unique items.
Things I would change about both:
1. The chair is slippery...but I have hardwood floors so any cloth would be slippery. Problem was solved when we put it on the rug.
2. The back isn't high enough so Ashton's head isn't supported that well.
All in all though, with a few minor adjustments, this chair suits our needs just great! Once Ashton is done, I put the pieces back together and it just looks like a cute stuffed animal. It doesn't look too out of place in my toy-filled living room :)
Thank you, CSN for giving us this opportunity to try out something from one of your many stores!!
**Please note: I was asked to choose an item at no cost for this review. It will in no way influence my review of the product.


Karen Rich said...

so how'd you get picked to do the review? that's pretty neat

Steffi said...

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