Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I win! yes- a real prize!!

I am really missing a few things in my life. Like, I feel as if my body is craving certain things that it can't have right now. There are at least 3 things in this picture that I really miss right now. If YOU can name 3 things (can't list individual people) you WIN! Really, you win something that I have made/or will make for you....whether it be stationary, cards, headbands, editing pics, etc. You name it (please be reasonable- I can't give away Ashton...or a million bucks 'cause I don't have that nor do I make ANY money haha)

this pic might give you a better hint to 1 of those things.
good luck! the prize will go to the first person that posts correctly. and even if you don't want anything from me...just humor me will ya? :)
**Edited 5/19 12 pm
I won't reveal the right answers and the winner(s) until tomorrow at 9am. If I am feeling overly generous I will announce more than 1 winner :)


Marissa said...

family, being pregnant, and peru

The Kyles said...

peru, the weather, being pregnant!

Valerie said...

Family, being pregnant and Peru