Monday, May 10, 2010

part deux

yep. your eyes are not deceiving you. THE martha stewart signed MY book! my sweet mother waited patiently in line at costco in CT. they had a separate line for mommies with babies so she only had a 40 minute wait. and then she talked to martha. yes. they chatted about how awesome my mom was for having a 25 yr old daughter AND a 6 month old son...with 3 boys in between. my mother was elated. we both LOVE LOVE LOVE martha. and I don't care about her brief stint in the slammer. she is an awesome homemaker so there.
ok how awesome is my mom. she got me all this delicious ribbon...look at all those velvety textures! she knows me too well!!
ashton made me this flower in nursery. i will treasure it forever. seriously i will. i may even sleep with it tonight.
lorin's gifts:
i was balling, seriously sobbing when i read lorin's letter. if you read the last post- we got into an argument on saturday night. we went to bed upset at each other. but sunday morning we forgave each others foibles and went on to! haha. it wasn't mushy because that isn't lorin's style. and that is why it meant so much more. ashton saw me crying and started fake crying and signing "mommy." he climbed on the couch, made his little sympathy noise "awwww" and gave me hugs. then he signed "baby" because he associates crying with babies. i love him. i love love love my boys more than i can possibly describe.

more of mom's gifts:

to top of the day we had chicken masala for dinner and had the fam over to play hand and foot. lorin and i won. boo-ya

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Karen Rich said...

#1. I am jealous your mom got to meet Martha! I too am a fan
#2. Ashton is aaaadorable
#3. what cute presents! I love JCrew *sigh*. almost as much as I love Brenda ;)