Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Boo at the Zoo

We went to the Hogle Zoo for their Halloween activity: Boo at the Zoo! It was really fun and Ashton was loving the fact that we let him walk around on his own. He is too cool for his parents....

These are the tiger cubs....so cute!

Lorin trying to measure up to the big ape

Ashton looking at the baby elephant

Ashton is saying something...probably yo leave me alone you old farts....

my little peter pan

he just wants to be free

mmm where'd the candy go?

needless to say we were tired of halloween by the time halloween actually came! starting the week before halloween we had a grown up halloween party at the bikman's, boo at the zoo, trick or treat at KLAS, lehi city halloween party and then halloween.....ah i am exhausted just thinking about it. ashton was a wonderful peter pan/robin hood (they look the same). he liked trick or treating only because he could walk around on the street...ah this boy is going to drive me crazy i just know it but i love him more than i can even say.

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