Tuesday, November 3, 2009

the big uno

ok these are out of order but blogger makes it impossible to move these around easily.

my little baby Ashton turned 1!!!! I know it went by so so fast! We celebrated this wonderful occassion on 9/26/09 because the whole Bird family would be in Utah. We had such a wonderful time and Ashton loved seeing all his aunts, uncles and cousins.

This pic is upside down...I made an Ashton nutrition label and but it around water bottles.

The birthday plate I made at Color Me Mine for the rest of the kids on their birthdays. Except I forgot to put his cake on it!!! It was right next to the cake...I'm getting old.

Decorations (all of Ashton's firsts documented)

ooo first haircut done by auntie mike

mike teaching ashton how to ride

lucas taking a turn riding....ahahaha pantless of course. that is how it is done at the bird's
(above) and we played ashtivia which was a hit! trivia about ashton....who won? i can't remember. it was close though!

the gang

ashton loving the cell phone auntie val gave him.

i made this banner..........yeah i went a little overboard

all clean! look below for the messy shots
after cake....thanks auntie lisha and shannon for bathing me
oh yeah he ate ALL of it
mmm i love it so much. you hate it compared to how much i love it. (madagascar...anyone??)
my nieces are so awesome

the cake (i got it at the lehi bakery...mmm mmm)

"thank you for coming to my party!"
i attempted to make cakepops by bakerella.....they were rough but anything for my baby
happy birthday my little one

i love you more than you can imagine.

my baby is now a toddler. a running blabber mouth. an opinionated, fist-clenching drama queen (king?). a little squirmer with a bottomless pit for a stomach. a hugger, kisser and comforter when mommy is sad (i pretend to be so he'll give me hugs). i love him more than anything. he is the reason i wake up happy every morning, the reason i want to be better. i love you, ashton.

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Erin said...

Oh my gosh, this turned out so cute! Ashton is such a cutie...congrats :)