Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Christmas Break

Wow, it has been a long time. Every time I want to post I feel a little overwhelmed because it has been a while. We had such a wonderful time back East. We really miss our family out there and want to stay out there longer than we have time for. We spent Christmas with the Bird side and New Year's with the Gutierrez side. We really had a wonderful Christmas. Ashton was sooo excited to meet all his aunts, uncles and cousins. He was passed around and well taken care of all throughout our break. We received such great and generous gifts (thank you Craig and Debra! Val and Logan). Ashton had a wonderful Christmas and received such fun and thoughtful gifts! He got some great books and CDs from Aunt Val, cute clothes and books from Babba and Grandpa, and more cute clothes from Breitton. I love how Breitton calls Ashton "Baby Ashton." We had so much fun with the nieces and nephews and they really loved Baby Ashton. They'll be able to play a little more once Ashton gets a little more control of his body. He had a little bit of a rough start to the vacation- the time change and different environment confused him and he didn't sleep well through the night for a few nights. Once he got over that little hump, he asked his daddy to treat him like a big boy and take him riding! We have another Lucas on our hands. His first word is going to be "ride."

Baby Ashton's gift from Breitton
Uncle Steve with Ashton on Christmas morning

Babba and Grandpa preparing a great Christmas Eve dinner
Lucas giving Baby Ashton a sweet little kiss
Lorin and Ashton on the quad

A super cute dress from Craig and Debra
Mommy and Baby Ashton (with his sweet pjs) on Christmas morning
Grandpa cutting up the turkey on Christmas Eve

Uncle Devin and Ashton awaiting a sweet meal

Ashton is quite the adventerous one. We took him sledding right outside of our home before we left on vacation. I'm pretty sure he had no clue what was going on but he looked so cute in his puffy snow suit- just like on "A Christmas Story." He went sledding again in CT outside of our house. This kid is fearless!

Going to CT was interesting. There was no snow in Jersey but in CT there was a lot! It was fun to see the boys wrestle in the snow, go sledding, play Rockband and hear Lorin belt out classic rock tunes. I even joined in- it was soo funny! We played board games, took walks, ate ate and ate! I gained _lbs and stayed another week just so I could gain more! I just couldn't leave CT when Lorin did- everyone just wanted me to stay a little longer. And when I say me I mean Ashton. I have been put on the back burner. Everyone wanted to watch Ashton. All my little cousins would just hover over him and gasp at every move that he made. "Oh my gosh, his finger moved, that is soooo cute!" Hahah. He is the first grandchild on my side so I can understand all this enthusiasm. I was no longer the parent and had no idea what I was doing- everyone else took over. It was kinda nice to have a break but I sort of missed raising my own baby! There were tears when we left. I was so sad to leave. I missed Lorin a lot and missed my own home but if I could move there right now, I would. Family is incredibly important to me and I need to be close to my families. I grew up with my aunts and uncles and we are really close. I want the same for my little one. I want him to really know his aunts, uncles, cousins and especially grandparents. It was especially hard to say goodbye to my brothers. We didn't get along that well when I lived at home but once I left for boarding school things seemed to pick up. We get along but aren't super close because I was away for so long. I left home when I was 15 then went to college, got married, etc. But ever since I got married I think we have gotten closer, especially my relationship with Rick. He is turning 20 this month. He just turned in his mission papers and will receive his call shortly. I am so proud of him. He calls me his little sister and even though I am older, I feel like I am his little sister. I literally look up to him but he has really changed and matured (however he still has a lot more to go!). We fight one minute and are laughing together the next. I wish we could have been closer sooner. And the way he took care of Ashton! He is a natural. Leon and Ricky both changed their first diapers (both #2s hahah- I am mean, huh?) and I have never seen my brothers so enchanted with a little baby. Ashton is so lucky to have so many wonderful people in his life that love him and would do anything for him. This little guy is spoiled/majorly loved.
I can't wait to go back and see everyone again. Thank you Aunt Jessy and Uncle George for being so kind and generous with us, especially with Ashton.


Steve said...

That baby looks good when I'm holding him! You're right about the cousins hovering. I walked into the bedroom I was staying at (where Ashton happened to be napping) and literally all your cousins were just staring and watching. It was hilarious! We need to get some more grandkids in that family before it gets to Ashton's head!

Kate Bailey said...

What a great Christmas? I love going home and having a chance to catch up with family, and I know what you mean when it feels like you're missing out on your baby's life because everyone else is there and taking over! I'm glad that you got to go home and have a great time visiting with them. :)

Marissa said...

I know your family is obsessed with's so cute!! he is a major cutie though!