Thursday, January 15, 2009

Why Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways

Reasons why I love my husband (really!!) Besides his amazingly good looks, his charm, his fondness of making up new words and starting every word with "schn"

10. He forgets everything so when it has to do with me I don't feel as bad

9. His play by plays: He tells me what he is going to do step by step, detail by detail...."I'm going to say, Hey, How are you? I'm doing well..........and then I am going to hang up and call someone else." Ok, I may be exaggerating a little bit....

8. He befriends anyone and everyone- no judgments (including the homeless man he brought to stay at our house, and that store owner and his building manager and the building manager's dog's vet, etc.)
7. His voice. He is not ashamed and neither am I. Ashton prefers nothing more than his daddy singing to him.

6. His laugh. He finds so much joy in everything and is not afraid to show it. He is that guy in the movie theatre that finds everything hilarious. It is contagious!

5. He is ready and always willing to help other people no matter how much he has to do. He usually overbooks himself, which is why I got him a planner one time, but he forgot where he put it....

4. Which brings me to this next one: He loses everything. It is slightly annoying but mostly funny. How many pairs of gloves have we gotten you, babe? How about those books? Beanies? Should I go on?

3. He is brilliant yet totally clueless sometimes! Babe, people DO celebrate Valentine's Day! You are also supposed to be with me when I am delivering YOUR baby- not watching ESPN.

2. He'll warm me up when I am cold. He radiates heat like a furnace. He'll let me put my ice blocks of feet on his warm legs. He'll also let me wake him up in the middle of the cold night to warm me up because I am too cold to sleep. And when I am mad at him, he has a way of warming up t me that makes me forget why we even started arguing.....
1. Can I have two number ones? I can cause it is my blog. He is frugal/cheap to a T.
B: "Hey, Babe, we need a new furnace. We are freezing at home all day!"
L: "Didn't you just get some sweaters for Christmas?"

He also doesn't knoew how much things cost.
B: "Babe, we need to get the baby furniture and everything before he's born."
L: "He's a baby. He doesn't need anything."
B: "Um, actually, he does. Let's just start with the crib."
L: "That's easy. They're like ten bucks at DI."

Or this one:
L:"Hey can you find a 1500+ sq. ft home, 3+ bedrooms, 2+bathrooms, 2+ level home for under 130K?"
Realtor: "Hahaha.....oh, you're serious. No. Well, maybe in Nephi or somewhere people don't live."
Ok, those were not actual conversations but pretty darn close!
1. He IS romantic...kind of. Here is proof.

Don't the scribbles and 2nd grade handwriting make you swoon?

**Actually, I have 3 no. 1s.

1. He is an amazing father. Who else takes a three month old swimming, sledding, four-wheeling, and 2+ hour walks? And reads greek, latin and history books to him?
Love you, Lor.

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Marissa said...

haha..that was funny! Lorin is funny becuase he is so innocently CLUELESS! he is a great dad :) P.S. I have been left many times at various places because he forgot to come and get me..I used ot have to wait for him forever because sometimes he is so slow because he forgets what he is doing..lorin taught me patience i think :)