Saturday, October 25, 2008

Catchups (Party/Halloween/Park)

Where does time go? I have been meaning to post something but always have something else I need to do. I have so many projects and no time to do them. All a baby does is sleep so why don't I have the time? Well this baby likes to be awake at least 4 hours during the day. He'll just hang out making his funny noises and fussing. Maybe I don't have time because I just want to absorb everything he does. Yesterday, I put him in his bassinet in the morning. He stared up at his mobile for like 2 minutes. Then I wound the thing (why do mobiles always have cheesy songs- they should change that to something cool like something by Dave or Journey...) and Ashton totally loved it! I have proof. I recorded him smiling and making his happy noises. I will post that when I figure out how to do it.

What else have I missed? Ashton is finally learning to nurse with the help of a little gadget. I'll have to wean him off that eventually but for now I feel like he is learning and being patient. Yay!

Halloween Update: Ashton will be Batman for Halloween. We'll be going around Provo visiting our old neighborhood. He will be sporting his Batman costume and Batman pail. Lorin will be the Nurse Joker and I will be Robin. I have to handcraft it myself because for some reason Halloween for girls is a free pass to be scantily clad. Yeah- I can't do that so I am putting it together myself.
OK, now for some pics. On Sunday, October 20th, we celebrated Ashton's 1 Month Birthday. I should have taken pics of the cupcakes that took me hours to make and decorate but everyone ate them before I got a chance. I watched as Dallin ate the last Mummy cupcake but it was too late. Anyway, I'm sure the idea is silly for most but I was sooo excited to (and still am!) to have him with me!! I have this irrational fear of SIDS so I really am so grateful for him. I'm not going to lie, those late night feedings are rough for both Lorin and me and sometimes I would just love for him to sleep. But, being a mom is such a wonderful feeling and I would do absolutely anything for this little rat...yes, even spend hours making Mummy and Pumpkin decorated cupcakes for his one month birthday bash that he won't even remember...ha.

Here are some of our guests. We thank you all for coming out to humor me and to celebrate a non-birthday.
Here I am spending some quality time with the month-day boy on our sweet couch. I love it how he just stares at me- probably trying to figure out who the blurry blob is.

Mike, Bev, and Brooke drove from Bountiful (!) to come celebrate with us. Now those are dedicated friends! We heart you guys. I love this picture. Ashton is getting antsy because we took like a billion pictures trying to get it right. Here is Brooke trying to console him, isn't that cute??

Another take-minus Lorin because he was on the phone....sound like anyone familiar?

Dallin and Shannon joined us for some SNL: Best of Will Ferrell at the after-party. I think Ashton is semi-smiling.

Lorin is closing his eyes like always, Bev isn't looking and smothering her baby, Ashton is crying and I look like a goof and Mike is being goofy. Brooke (not the baby) is the only one that looks normal.

Brooke and Brooke.

Ashton and Erin having a nice little talk. Erin and I are friends from freshman year at BYU. He just got back from his mission in the Ukraine.

Kevin and Bree. I think Kevin is getting better at not being afraid of holding a baby- nice work!
Uncle Bryan and Aunt Janelle- so cute!
Jason and RuRu
Erin and Brooke and Ashton crying.
He is pooped from staying awake the whole party!
Here are some pics that I took at the park when we went for our walk. It was chilly out so I put on his little "chuyo" (peruvian hat) that I bought for him in Peru this summer.

I'm afraid Ashton does not like to be his mom's least not for a long period of time.


Steve said...

hah..that was great! i love your narration with the pics! thanks for sharing since we don't live close..i wish we could have come to his 1 month bash! and i wish i could have seen the cupcakes...i know how long those things can take, you almost want to tell everyone to really enjoy them :)

Marissa said...

p.s. that comment was marissa and i love hte hat! steve and i got a good laugh looking and reading this..