Tuesday, March 23, 2010

its 1:30 am do you know where your kids are

i am up keeping lorin company as he works into the night. i am actually really tired so i don't know how long i can last. it will be just my luck that ashton wakes up super early again- dang teeth! how i hate thee! also, pollen. get thee hence.

poor 23 lb baby ashton. i still love your snot filled kisses and temper tantrums on the floor. i get it, bubbs, your gums hurt like...well....a lot?

in other news....gee my life is so boring (and i am about to fall asleep) right now. i can't even think of something exciting to make up.
i will leave you with this sweet pic. is this what is to come? i am seriously contemplating potty training ashton....very soon. do i have it in me? we shall see.

photo from here.

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