Sunday, August 16, 2009

global warming....psh yah right!

i spent hours getting ready for a nice campout with the fam.
it was cold. it rained. it stopped. rinse and repeat.
we got ready for bed. ashton was all bundled up with an uber amount of layers.
i forgot to bring a blanket.
i couldn't sleep because i couldn't feel my body.
i couldn't sleep because i thought ashton was going to die because he was overheating.
morning never came.
oh wait it did..... it seemed like forever.
and then i woke up to hail.
and rain.
in august.
in utah.

the end.

ps. we had a great time with the family, sitting by the fire, eating s'mores, and watching ashton be mesmerized by the fire.

pps. i really just don't like the cold. especially when it is supposed to be a hot desert summer


Marissa said...

you are so much better than me~ i told steve we cant camp anymore bc we have a baby!!!

Karen Rich said...

OMG my weekend was exactly the same as yours. Where'd you guys camp? I'll go crazy if it was right where we were.